What are the advantages of hydroseeding?

    • Can provide the ideal environment for seed germination in a one-step application.The hydromulch covers the seed, protects the soil beneath and biodegrades after lawn establishment, contributing needed organic matter.
    • Can begin the process of changing dirt into soil. The Biotic amendments in our slurries help to aggregate soil particles in the “dirt” of your construction site. We provide humic acids and the biology necessary to establish the biological nutrient cycles of your soil and we inoculate your soil with the mycorrhizal fungi and organic fertilizers that will help your grass plants’ roots open up new pores in the soil and go deep in search of water and nutrients.
    • Leaves no straw to blow away or netting to get caught in your mower blades.
    • Shortens germination times while improving germination rates.
    • Can prevent all washouts from heavy rain events.
    • Can provide a high quality lawn at an affordable price, approximately 1/3 the cost of sod.


Seeding Options:

Your site is unique. We will help you choose the seed, mulch rate, soil amendments and erosion control options that suit your expectations. Whether you are looking for a fairway quality front yard or ground cover for an erosive hillside we have the knowledge and products to fill the bill.

We will consider the following factors when we offer you a proposal:

1. Your soil test results. We prefer to have a soil test done before seeding so fertility and pH problems can be rectified before the seed goes down. If you do not have a soil test of your site we can take the appropriate samples and have one done at cost for you ( usually around $25)

2. What seed will fit your site’s fertility, available sunlight and water resources? What follow up maintenance program do you envisage? The answer to these questions would indicate what turf grass variety would do best on your site.

3. How will heavy rains affect your newly prepared site? We offer different rates of mulch and various tackifiers in our slurries along with erosion control measures that can be put in place during establishment. We will evaluate the slope and potential for “gullying” on your site and let you know where you could potentially have problems and how we could solve them.

What products do we use in our hydroseeding application?

The Biotic amendments in our slurry include all the soil biology of the soil food web which will sustain your lawn using less fertilizer and water in the years to come. Our formula includes seaweed extract, high quality compost, proteins and amino acids from grain meals or Nature Safe ™ fertilizers, humates, mycorrhizal fungi from: http://www.mycorrhizae.com and SoilReef biochar from: http://www.thebiocharcompany.com . We use Barenberg ™ turf grass varieties.

The following chart is provided as a guide to our pricing per square foot for seeding on your prepared seedbed. Prices could be higher or lower. Please call us for a free, no obligation quote. These prices include all the top quality ingredients listed above.

Commercial or erosion control seeding prices will vary.

Minimum charge of
$300 up to 2000 square feet
2,001 – 4,000 square feet * $0.15 per square foot
8,000-24,000 square feet * $0.11 per square foot
24,001-one acre $0.10 per square foot
43,561 – 100,000 square feet * $0.09 per square foot
100,001 + square feet