At the Lawn Moores we love grass. Thick cool grass under bare feet, a carpet of turf on an athletic field, the beautiful background for the landscaping of your home. We believe it should look good but we know that it can be an expense and also have a negative impact on our environment. Chemical fertilizers are essentially just petroleum that we spray to grow grass ….then we cut with gas consuming machinery. A huge amount of non-renewable energy can be used to have this beautiful turf we so enjoy.

There are, however, alternatives which greatly reduce this dependency on oft-times polluting and carbon negative practices and we strive to bring the best of them to you:

  • We use locally produced, high quality compost in our seeding and fertility program.
  • Our commercial organic fertilizers recycle food processing waste, removing 4 times the amount of CO2 from the environment as they use in their production facilities.
  • We spray beneficial microbes and symbiotic fungi which are the motor force of the soil food web.
  • We add biochar to our seeding mix to jumpstart the carbon cycle in your soil.
  • To a great extent our lawns feed themselves and can actually begin storing carbon rather than emitting it. We hope you will share our sense of marvel at the workings of soil beneath our turf.